Travel Health

Travelling with kids takes you out of your comfort zone in so many ways. Even if you’re only going camping down the coast, you still need to think about keeping your family as healthy as possible.

Overseas holidays can bring an increased risk of health issues, especially for children. Travellers often encounter sudden or significant changes in altitude, humidity and temperature, as well as exposure to a variety of infectious diseases. The length of time away and the environments you are travelling in also need to be taken into consideration. The message is: be prepared.

The good news is you can minimise the risk of health issues by planning ahead, taking appropriate preventive measures and being cautious on the trip. Staying healthy when you’re away starts with planning well before you go. The first thing to do is ask your doctor about what sort of vaccinations are recommended for your destination. In many cases if your child’s routine immunisations are up to date you won’t need to do anything extra. You can go to a GP for this but a specialist travel doctor or travel medicine clinic is probably best as they have all the up to date information and immunisation medication on site.

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