Why Travel With Kids?

Why travel with kids? Travel enriches family life in so many ways, not least of which is creating memories that last a lifetime. An adventure in another country can be educational and culturally enlightening. A long road trip not only gets you from A to B but can also be invaluable time for families to talk and connect. Exploring national parks and wilderness areas can help kids understand the fragility of the environment and the natural world.

Holidays with kids are all about having fun as a family and seeing the world. What many parents don’t realise however is the positive impact that travel can have on their children’s development, and the way their kids will see the world.

So why travel with kids? We’ve interviewed various experts in their fields, from social psychologists to parenting experts to educators, to get their take on the benefits of travel for kids.

Did you know that…

Travel is good for brain development

Everything about the travel experience is new, and new experiences are what contribute to the developing brain. Read more.

Travel builds resilience

Home life for kids is pretty predictable – the repetitive dinner/bath/bed routines and school/home/sports for older kids come to mind – but when you travel you let go of it all and this is what builds resilience.  Read more.

Travel builds a sense of worth

When you’re travelling with your kids or on holiday together you prioritise family over every other demand.  Travelling creates the opportunity in our busy modern lives just to be with our kids. It’s priceless and it gives kids a sense of worth too. Read more here.

Travel helps kids value difference and diversity

Seeing how people live differently, eat differently, dress differently is the essence of travelling. But appreciating difference and valuing it is something we need to teach our kids. Travel does this better than anything else. Read more.

Other reasons to travel with your kids