Perfect Travel Photos, every time

Picture perfect

Search the term Awkward Travel Photos on the interwebs and you’ll see that there are plenty of them around. And they can be very entertaining.

In these days of the smartphone, while everyone can be a photographer it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a good photo from your travels. Not everyone has a good eye for composition, an ability to really see light and colour, or a steady hand.

Families in particular often lament that the photographer gets left out and there are never any good photos of the whole family in that special place. In my family the one who misses out tends to be my husband who is the main family photographer and happy to schlep around with the DSLR and various lenses. Unless we have a guide or friend with us who can take a decent shot, he only makes it into the picture via the odd selfie.


Photo courtesy Travelshoot

Hopefully our blog on How to Take Good Family Travel Photos can give you a few handy tips. However, if you really want to up the ante on your holiday photos we think we have the answer.

New Australian company Travelshoot connects travellers with professional photographers all over the world. Their goal is to make sure your travel photos look as good as they should.

The idea came when Travelshoot founder Sarah Pearce was on her honeymoon in New York. A Brooklyn-based friend and professional photographer wanted some images for his portfolio so he used the newlyweds as his models. He got great shots and Sarah and her husband got extraordinarily beautiful images that they’d have never managed to get themselves with a selfie stick or if they’d had to rely on other tourists to take the shot.


Photo courtesy Travelshoot

A really good photographer brings something extra special to a photo shoot. It’s the composition, the light, the ability to wait for the right moment. You’ve travelled all that way, paid a lot of money in the process so you want your visual memories to be extra special.

All Travelshoot photographers have to pass stringent trials for image quality, so the results are guaranteed. Travelshoot’s online booking process makes the whole shoot simple and user-friendly, with packages in three price ranges. They’ve got photographers in more than 50 destinations with more being added regularly.