Falls Creek for families

The wonder of snow and skiing with kids at Falls Creek

Recently I was lucky enough to spend a few days at Falls Creek skiing with my kids. We got caught in the biggest blizzard they’ve seen in years – we literally had to dig our car out of the snow when we left and it took hours – but of course blizzards bring snow and the conditions became perfect.

2016-07-14 09.26.52-1I was enchanted by this gorgeous village, which I used to ski at when I was a teenager with my family, and delighted by the hospitality (and excellent food)  at Diana Lodge and impressed by how family friendly the entire mountain is. When the snow is good you can ski in and out of your accommodation which means you avoid the tiresome schlepping of skis and other kit for kids – probably the only downside of family skiing.

2016-07-14 12.39.11

The kids loved it all, especially Snonuts – a donut stall that does a range of sweet treats plus huge creamy Freakshakes.

2016-07-13 14.42.41We’ll be producing a video of this trip in the next few months (ready to get you excited for next season) but in the meantime have a listen to my conversation with Shevonne Hunt at Kinderling Radio about the magic and wonder of snow and the delights of Falls Creek for a family trip. And it’s not too late to go as there is plenty of snow still and some great deals available.

Listen to the conversation here.