Road tripping without screens

Long car trips with kids and without screens

As you might know, I’m a regular guest on Kinderling Kids Radio sharing my tips on all things family travel. I’m delighted to be an ambassador for Kinderling’s Screen Free Challenge, which is encouraging families to unplug the technology and reconnect with each other over a 12-week period. For me that’s what travel is all about – time to be present, to reconnect, to spend quality time together away from everyday pressures and routines and, where possible, those wretched screens. It’s one reason I embrace road trips. In my car screens are banned or rationed and instead we load up on audio books and play old-fashioned car games. After all, the iPad was only invented in 2010 so we’ve all survived for many years without it. I recently spoke to presenter Shevonne Hunt with my tips for screen-free road trips. You can listen to the conversation here – click on “Is a screen free road trip possible”.