Borneo Family Holiday

The trip

Borneo is a lush land of tribal warriors, mysterious head hunters and far-from-home war heroes which has intrigued adventurers, anthropologists and explorers for centuries. From steamy jungles to blissful mountains, balmy beaches and peaceful villages, Borneo’s bounty of natural treasures are made for fun, relaxation, exploration and adventure. This is a unique trip, which taps into Borneo’s melting pot of cultures, and is perfect for families who want to immerse themselves in the jungle, experience life in a traditional village and learn about the efforts being made to assist the threatened wildlife.

Climbing Mount KinabaluThe experience

Your Borneo family adventure begins in Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah. Having survived World War II bombings, ‘KK’ (as it’s commonly known) now has a charm that can only be found in a frontier town. The islands off Kota Kinabalu are excellent for swimming or snorkelling, and both the Sabah State Museum and the Monsopiad Cultural Village, once home to a notorious head hunter, provide windows into the past.

You’ll then spend two nights in the World Heritage listed Kinabalu National Park, famous for its walking trails and Botanic Garden, and also visit Poring Hot Springs.

On day four, you’ll head to Kinabatangan Jungle Camp. Your hosts for the next two nights are the local ecological organisation, MESCOT, whose aim is to provide villagers with environmental education and the means of making a living from the forests, without the need for their destruction. Part of the program is to develop an ecologically sound wildlife and ecotourism centre, owned and operated by the villagers themselves.

A boat trip will take you to Oxbow Lake where you’ll stay in simple jungle huts. Chances are you’ll see crocodiles, macaques, wild orangutan and proboscis monkeys.

The next day you get the rare privilege of being welcomed into a traditional Malay village where your accommodation is a homestay with local people.

One of the highlights of the trip is staying at Sepilok Orangutan Reserve and visiting the rehabilitation centre which was established to help re-introduce the orang-utans back into the wild after a life of domestication or having been orphaned. You’ll also visit the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, a protected forest reserve inhabited by several groups of wild proboscis monkeys.

The final part of the trip takes you to Pulau Tiga – the original island used in the Survivor television series. The island is full of mud volcanoes, jungle walking tracks and is surrounded by beautiful beaches. The island’s wildlife consists of proboscis and macaque monkeys, flying foxes, bats and monitor lizards. The waters surrounding the island are home to over 132 species of fish as well as sea turtles and offer amazing snorkelling opportunities.

borneo_baby-orangutan-1600x1600The highlights

  • World Heritage listed Kinabalu National Park and Poring Hot Springs
  • Kinabatangan Jungle Camp
  • Learning about forest preservation and rehabilitation
  • A homestay in a traditional Malay village
  • Sepilok Orangutan Reserve
  • Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary
  • Pulau Tiga National Park

Ideal for?

Families who want an authentic jungle and wildlife experience and aren’t afraid of roughing it a bit.

Cool for kids

Staying Tarzan style in simple jungle huts. Learning about the orangutan rehabilitation program at Sepilok. Snorkelling in the sea and wallowing in the mud pools on Pulau Tiga.

Need to know

11 days from $2,696 (land content only) per person (for a family of four travelling). This includes all accommodation, most meals, transport and excursions according to the final itinerary. Prices are subject to change according to season and number of people travelling.

More information

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