Family accommodation: hotels vs apartments

Family accommodation

Do I choose a hotel or an apartment?

The types of accommodation available will be governed by where you’re travelling.

Apartments usually work our more economically than hotel rooms especially if you have more than one child. Another thing to bear in mind is the arrangement of rooms. Large family rooms sleeping four or five people, or interconnecting rooms are great if you can find them, but that’s often harder than you think and many hotels don’t like to guarantee rooms until closer to the date of arrival. In smaller hotels you might find that the rooms only sleep two people; if your kids are young that probably means you and your partner will need to split up and share with the kids.

Regardless of where you go, for families, having some sort of kitchen facility is a real bonus, so you can prepare breakfast or other meals and snacks. I love travelling to places where we can go to the market and buy really fresh local produce and cook it up back at our accommodation. Dining out every day and sometimes twice a day gets wearing after a few days.


Travelling with kids you do need to choose accommodation carefully. If your children still have daytime sleeps you need somewhere where you are happy to spend a bit of time – so ideally you’d find somewhere with a separate living space (rather than a studio), or a balcony or veranda, where you can read a book or relax while they rest.