Travel Exposes Kids to New Tastes

Why travel with your kids? Because travel exposes them to new and varied tastes, writes Renee Krosch.

Some children are just fussy eaters. We all know that.

But can exposure to different types of foods, different flavours, different tastes help broaden a child’s palate ?

Lucinda Hancock is a nutritionist at Nutrition Australia and believes travelling is a fabulous opportunity to get children excited about food and different cuisines.

“There is definitely evidence that exposure to different foods encourages eating from a wide variety of vegetables and developing good food habits.

“The trick is to eat with your children, not at separate times, so they will see you eating.

“If the parents are eating it, there’s less of a barrier.”

Why are some children more adventurous than others when it comes to new foods?

“It’s a very individual thing. Fussy eaters need to be introduced to new foods many times, sometimes up to 15 times, before they become comfortable. Maybe the colour is not what they like, it tastes a bit different.”

But she says the more you present something different the more they’re likely to take it up.

And some advice for parents who worry their children will starve themselves if their favourite foods are not available:

“You don’t need to worry. Children are very resilient. Travel with a few staples as backups, so you feel secure. But be prepared to chat about the food. Sit and enjoy the food together, so they’re not feeling isolated and having something thrust upon them.

There’s always an option. Boiled rice ?

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Renee Krosch is a mother of two and producer at 702 ABC Sydney.